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Friday, December 27, 2013

Being over weight is apart of my genetics?

I've stretched my hand to help many women reach their fitness goals. While in the process of asking about the individuals goals a statement has arisen more times then any. "I cant lose weight, being over weight is in my genes"

 It is sad to believe that women truly think that they were born into a body that is over weight or that they are over weight because of  family history. Being over weight has nothing to do with genes, if that was the case I would not have been able to lose weight and keep it off! I do believe that depending on how you've treated your body it may seem harder to lose the weight for a number of reasons; like a slower metabolism from not eating enough, an eating disorder, medical disorders and mentally how ready you are.

 Losing weight and keeping it off takes time! This is why I cringe when I see a new fad diet come on to the market or a pill that claims you will lose weight by taking it daily. This could possibly be why women have lost hope in even trying to lose weight because there are so many misconceptions and false products out there. It is sad to see people prey on women especially when dealing with such an emotional battle!

 Genetics are things we have no control over like eye color, skin tone, height, hair texture etc. I'm going to use myself for an example, I was born into a family who loved savory comfort foods. Drinking water was not apart of our life and exercise was not really thought of, in a nutshell we really didn't have any healthy habits. I gained weight and still battle an issue with food to this day! However, its all mental, I made a decision to start eating better. It didn't happen over night! How could years of an unhealthy habit vanish in one night? I started making simple swaps here and there, whole wheat bread vs. white bread, 100% juice vs. soda. I added fruits and vegetables into my diet and day by day my eating got better and I started feeling different. I began exercising 5 times a week, some days were harder than others, some days were fun, and some days it felt like nothing was happening, but I did not give up!!  I did not have a perfect healthy diet, but it was perfect for me because it was better than what I had eaten in the past. I continued to make swaps, I continued to exercise and a year later I had lost 80 pounds!!

 The weight loss battle begins with the individuals mind, before you think about losing weight you have to be ready for the change that comes with it. I believe most women go into a battle unprepared and get defeated. You are not going to eat whatever you want and think the weight will come off. Most importantly, starving yourself is out of the question!! I can't tell you how long it will take to lose the weight, but I can tell you its possible if you just believe.

 I host challenge groups to help you reach your weightloss goals, I will help educate you and give you a plan to be able to lose weight and keep it off!! Please don't start on a weightloss journey alone, send me an email so I can help you!!

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